What Are The Effects of Amanita Muscaria?

What Are The Effects of Amanita Muscaria?

On the surface, Amanita muscaria, or Fly Agaric, is the typical storybook mushroom depicted in your favorite fairytales. But when prepared and ingested correctly, it can transform your mind, body, and spirit. 

Humans have been using the shroom for its healing effects for centuries, particularly in Hinduism as part of Soma. Since then, thousands of people have reported interesting effects from the magical mushroom, and we'll dive into them today.

The Effects of Amanita Muscaria

To give you a complete picture of the anecdotal effects, we've split them into five groups — physical, visual, cognitive, auditory, and multi-sensory. Although, it's important to remember that Amanita muscaria impacts people in different ways. 

Amanita Muscaria Physical Effects

Some sources have mentioned various physical effects like increased tear formation and salivation, excessive sweating, and pupil constriction. However, the most common sensations appear to be as follows:

  • Sedation — Depending on the dosage, you may experience mild or extreme sedation. Anecdotes suggest some people fall into a deep sleep or feel as though their body is incredibly heavy.
  • Stimulation — On the flip side, a handful of users report pretty intense physical stimulation. While that's contrary to the common sedative effects, it showcases how certain people react very differently to the shroom. 
  • Spontaneous sensations — Typically, these sensations are random but distinct tingling on the skin or inside the body. They're often accompanied by physical euphoria (i.e., intense feelings of pleasure and comfort). 
  • Pain relief — Whether it's headaches, cramps, or other physical pain, Fly Agaric has been used as a therapeutic tool to find relief. Many users have reported a significant pain decrease while under the shroom's "spell."
  • Muscle relaxation — Many users report feeling their muscles loosen, releasing the tension and encouraging comfort. It's particularly beneficial if you're suffering from spasms or hyperreflexia. 

Amanita Muscaria Visual Effects

There's really no telling how Amanita muscaria will impact your visual perceptions because it depends on your physiology and the dose you take.

However, most anecdotes report various enhancements, suppressions, distortions, and hallucinations. 


The most apparent visual enhancement is colors — they become brighter and more saturated than before. 

Magnification is another common one. You may see distant details closer or "zoomed in" than they truly are. 


Double vision (medically known as diplopia) happens when you see the same object twice. Some users report subtle diplopia after consuming Amanita muscaria, while others have intense effects that eradicate their ability to accurately perceive their environment. 


Fly Agaric can produce all kinds of visual distortions, including:

  • Color shifting (i.e., objects changing color constantly)
  • Drifting (i.e., the texture or shape of objects moving)
  • Depth perception problems
  • Recursion
  • Tracers (i.e., trails of light left behind moving objects)
  • Perspective distortions
  • Kaleidoscopes

Hallucinatory States

The shroom produces two major types of hallucinations — external and internal. The former occurs when the visual hallucination appears to integrate into your external environment seamlessly. The latter is an experience that happens in an imagined environment, similar to dreams. 

The Cognitive Effects

All the cognitive effects impact your perception, understanding, and knowledge about the environment around you and your thoughts. They're perhaps the most prevalent effects experienced after taking Fly Agaric and include:

  • Analysis enhancement — The mushroom can change the way you perceive or process information. Your creativity may increase, and logic flies out the window, opening new thought patterns and states of deep contemplation. 
  • Cognitive euphoria — You could experience overwhelming feelings of elation, joy, excitement, and well-being that lead to the physical euphoria we mentioned earlier. 
  • Consciousness disconnection — An abundance of Amanita muscaria users experience distinct dissociation from their physical environment. This can be unsettling for some but glorious for others. 
  • Dream potentiation — Due to the typical sedative effects of the mushroom, you might fall asleep and experience extremely vivid (even lucid) dreams. Expect your dreams to have intricate or incohesive plots with much more detail than normal. 
  • Libido changes — Most users report decreased sex drives. However, several anecdotes suggest a higher libido while on Fly Agaric.
  • Sociability, love, and empathy enhancement — This manifests as intense compassion, happiness, and talkativeness. Communication comes more naturally; you may feel more affection toward loved ones, and stress may disappear. 
  • Sleepiness — Muscimol, one of the active ingredients in Amanita muscaria, elicits intense feelings of drowsiness. As we previously mentioned, you could fall into a deep sleep or feel overwhelmingly heavy. 
  • Interconnectedness — Your sense of self may temporarily alter to feel as though you're comprised of a broader range of concepts than before. It's the phenomenon known as "ego death."
  • Existential self-realization — You could experience a sudden reaffirmation, revelation, or realization of your existence within the universe. Users report feeling as though they've "woken up" to the truth. 
  • Increased music appreciation — Music may seem better than before, and the lyrical content could have a bigger impact on you. Sources say you may become hyper-aware of every nuance within a song. 

The Auditory Effects

Depending on the dosage, you might experience auditory distortion or hallucination. These may manifest as hearing strange, omnipresent, and comforting sounds that aren't actually playing. 

The Multi-Sensory Effects

Synesthesia occurs when your cognitive pathways are altered, resulting in hearing colors and seeing sounds. It's a common effect associated with hallucinogenics, and many users report the sensation with Amanita muscaria. 

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