How to Prepare for an Amanita Mushroom Trip: The Ultimate Guide

How to Prepare for an Amanita Mushroom Trip: The Ultimate Guide

Amanita muscaria — the "Mario" mushroom legal in the USA (except for Louisiana) — creates feelings of euphoria, relaxation, synesthesia, and more when prepared correctly. But tripping on the shroom requires careful preparation, including knowing your doses, being mindful, and ensuring you're in the perfect environment. 

Consider this your ultimate guide to preparing for your Amanita muscaria trip. We'll cover everything from what to expect to the steps you can take before (and after) and even where to purchase the storybook shroom for safe consumption.

What to Expect from Your Amanita Muscaria Trip

You're probably a bit nervous if you've never taken Amanita muscaria. But knowing what to expect can alleviate your concerns. 

While everybody reacts differently to the mushroom, anecdotes suggest the following are common effects that kick in between 30 minutes and three hours following ingestion:

  • Sedation or stimulation — You may experience mild to extreme sedative effects. Some users say they fall into a deep sleep or feel super heavy. Conversely, other Fly Agaric takers say they have rather intense physical stimulation. There's no telling whether you'll experience sedation or stimulation until you ingest the shroom. 
  • Pain relief — From headaches to cramps to other physical pain, the Amanita mushroom trip may rid you of the pain, allowing you to find relief. Some users say they noticed a significant decrease in pain while they were enjoying the experience. 
  • Spontaneous sensations — Granted, this is very vague, but it's also one of the most common effects. According to many anecdotes, the sensations are random but usually manifest as a distinct tingling on your skin or inside your body. Sources suggest that the tingling is accompanied by physical euphoria, characterized by intense feelings of comfort and pleasure. 
  • Visual distortions — They come in many forms. However, you should expect color shifting (e.g., objects switch colors constantly), depth perception issues, drifting (e.g., the wood grain of your table may move), kaleidoscope, perspective issues, and tracers (e.g., trails of light left behind moving items). 
  • Analysis enhancement — Due to the way the active ingredients (muscimol and ibotenic acid) react in the brain, the way you process or perceive information may change. This can result in creativity increases and loss of logic, which opens new thought patterns and could elicit states of intense contemplation. 
  • Increased music appreciation — While tripping on Amanita muscaria, you may find that music sounds better than normal, and the lyrics have a more profound impact on you. According to some users, you might become overly aware of every beat, sound, word, and instrument present in the track. 
  • Consciousness disconnection — This tends to happen when you take higher doses of the mushroom. You could become distinctly disassociated with the environment around you. Some reports say it's an unsettling experience, but others find it deep and meaningful. Again, this is a testament to just how differently the shroom affects people. 
  • Synesthesia — Finally, synesthesia can occur, depending on your dosage. Since Amanita muscaria alters your cognitive pathways, you might hear colors or see sounds. It's a common effect noted with the use of psychedelics, with many shroom takers noting how enjoyable the experience can be. 

How to Prepare for Your First Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Trip

Now you know what to expect from your trip, you're well on your way to experiencing the purported benefits of the Fly Agaric mushroom. 

However, make sure you follow the six steps below to ensure you're 100% ready:

#1 Do Your Research and Know Your Doses

You've pretty much nailed the research step since you're reading this! Although, we highly recommend checking out our other articles about Amanita muscaria to gain some background knowledge before diving in. 

And when it comes to dosages, users suggest starting low and working your way up as you learn how your body reacts to the shroom.

The doses tend to work as follows:

  • Low — Small cap
  • Average — One to three medium caps
  • High — Two or more medium caps

#2 Let's Be Mindful

Amanita muscaria may amplify your psyche. Therefore, if you're feeling anxious before the trip, you may feel more anxious while tripping. 

So, it's best to follow a few mindful practices like deep breathing, journaling, and meditation beforehand. That way, you'll be in the best state of mind to have a beneficial time. 

#3 Consider Your External Environment

There are three things you need from your environment for an enjoyable Amanita muscaria trip — safety, familiarity, and comfort. 

If you're at home, you probably have all of these things, making it the perfect environment (especially for your first time). 

#4 Get a Sitter

No, we aren't talking about a babysitter (although it's similar). Essentially, you need somebody who isn't taking the shroom to be around. That way, you know you're in capable hands if you get a bit anxious. 

#5 Stay Away from Other Substances (Yes, Including Caffeine)

Other substances, including caffeine, can change the way Fly Agaric affects you. Therefore, sources suggest taking it without consuming drugs, alcohol, or caffeinated drinks. 

#6 Make Plans for After Your Trip

Make sure you're free of responsibilities for at least a day after your trip. You might still feel sedated the following day, rendering any plans useless. So, give yourself time and space to fully enjoy the experience.

Only Purchase Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms from Lab-Tested, Trusted Sources

You're all set for your trip! The only thing left to do is procure the mushroom from trusted, lab-tested shops like us. All our Amanita muscaria products are tested for potency, legality, and safety.



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